A wanderer in a world of thoughts

I received a phone call from my uncle “ How is it going for you these days? You should start planning some seeds for your future now. Think about going to college! And by the way, my house happens to locate just within a walking distance from Academy of Finance! How about giving it a try? To the best of my knowledge this is supposed to be not too hard, which seems suitable for girls”

Honestly, the 18-year-old version of myself was quite unclear about what she had to do and who she wanted to become at that time. Choosing an academic path to follow upon graduating from high school was not something supposed to be in question, but which university to apply for is not perfectly clear. Some thoughts entered my head, though. I had always been interested in politics until then(which is something, of course, i’m totally not in the mood for as i grow up) which made me think about studying something enabling me to become a politician!! But then, as a trend where I live, I was supposed to choose one of the most prominent universities in the country, and foreign trade university was the chosen one, as it had always ranked at the top unis for Vietnamese students. People sometimes hilariously refer to it as” Havard of Chua Lang street”.

As years had gone by, my first 2 years of the uni life ended so fast that I couldn’t even notice what I had done through the past few years. As i was provided only with the most basic modules that are supposed to be the foundation for any students involved in economics study, I was very confused about what I got that could help me gain enough knowledge for an ever-changing labor market. It was the second year in the university, still nothing taught could explain a single word for the reason why I had chosen the major.

Then, as the point of “being kicked out of the school” is now fiercely clear in front of my eyes, I find myself some where else, with the figure and analysis…..  However, i envision so many paths which could help me end up being where i truly want to be that they fight against each other. They do fight inside my mind!

After all, only heart can bring you to your holy shrine after the  common sense has done its great job!


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