“How open you are to new ideas and perspectives”

This is what we are required to write an essay about before enrolling in a new writing course. Yepp i’m about to take a writing course soon, though the entrance fee is quite uhmmmmm…. This is a quick note during the boring lessons in this morning’s classes.

It was 10pm. I almost collapsed after a long day searching for my personal identity. Remaining a sedentary posture all day long, with headphones on, eyes looking somewhere far beyond nearby blocks, I doubted where that kind of exhaustion came from. At some points there was a sense of meditation running through my veins which could obviously help me fully concentrate on my “work”. “How come others find their own values so easily” I asked myself.

“Because you’re ambitious. You’re so ambitious that  you only desire for more and you forget what you’ve got that makes you “you” and standing out in a noisy crowd” a voice suddenly distracted me. She’s my best friend.

“ No I’m not”. My response become unusually aggressive, my cheeks turned red and my voice could hardly stay calm.

That’s the first time a person had told me their perception about me. That was also the first time my pure belief had been seriously questioned by someone who are supposed to have an in-depth understanding about her best friend!

“It’s weird that people think I’m ambitious!”

As our world constantly changes and sometimes we let It open to merge with others’ world, we must learn how to come to terms with different sets of belief and perpectives. That’s what most of us are taught. But not many people can consciously remind themselves of that theoretical approach when they are in a room with different, let alone opposing points of view. At times, we start a conversation with an open attitude, knowing that this time we will try to listen as much as possible, and if it’s needed, try to find a common ground. However, as we engage more in that process of exchanging views and questioning each other, we might gradually forget the spirit of “ being open”. I’ve stuck in this trap several times, and sometimes only realized that after there was a really fierce fight between us.

Though the fact is that I still struggle with my behavior when it comes to “accepting differences”, I believe that there are ways people can adopt to help them learn to do this more effectively.

Understand that we all come from different backgrounds; we are surrounded by different networks of people, every day we listen to different songs and read different things. After all, being different is the one of the most natural features that we are endowed with.

Being aware of the differences is not enough. Recently, I’ve noticed that when we listen with attention as well as respect and without hasty judgment, everything will come to our heart more easily. So, try to listen when people want to talk to you, and the same attention from the other will be paid back.


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